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Venue Hire

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A. Disclaimer:
It is important that the Hirer reads and understands the following conditions regarding the use of the Filipino Community Centre.

FAANT, Inc. provides a venue that is compliance with the Building Act and Workplace Health & Safety and COVID-19 Regulations. The FAANT representative explains the terms and conditions of this agreement. In the event of incidents/accidents that take place in the premises while under the Hirer’s occupancy, FAANT is not held responsible for these incidents and accidents.

B. Use of the Filipino Community Centre – The Premises: Main Hall and The Small Building  
   •    Use of the premises shall be restricted to the purpose as applied for the approved on the Application Form.
   •    When associated with any fund-raising, or any activities of the same sort, or when liquor will be served and/or consumed on the premises, the use of the premises shall be approved only upon presentation of pertinent permits from the authorised permit issuing body to FAANT of the Hiring Officer.
   •    Minors (18 below) must not be allowed to serve and consume alcoholic drinks and should not be allowed inside the bar at all times.
   •    It is against Health and Safety Regulations for anyone to sit on the bar counter or benches.
   •    Do not use the shelves as stepping ladders. Hirer is held responsible for the damages sustained on the shelves due to this cause.
   •    Use and/or selling of illegal drugs or substances are strictly prohibited on the premises.
   •    Gambling, except for those approved by the Racing and Gaming Commission, is strictly prohibited.
   •    Liquor Licenses-exemption and amplified music are to cease at 12:00 midnight and the centre to be vacated at the end of the designated time in the application form or at 12:30 am the latest.
   •    The premises will be cleaned before 12:00 noon the following day.
   •    Keys must not be duplicated and must be handed back no later than 12:00 noon the following day.
   •    Hirer must be at least 25 years old.
   •    The Hirer is held responsible to organise the collection and return of the keys listed in the registration form.
   •    Vehicles of any form or shape must not be driven onto the concrete floor of the building.
   •    Financial member of the Association is not allowed to sublease the building to a hirer who appears to gain benefit from a discounted rate afforded to financial members.

C. Maintenance:
   •    Any damages resulting from the use of the premises shall be the sole liability of the user.
   •    The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition. Special attention must be given to the kitchen and toilets where vermin are likely to dwell. Do not use the fire hydrant hose to clean the Bar and Kitchen.
   •    When removed and/or used, furniture must be replaced where they were originally situated.
   •    The Hirer must take all rubbish away from the premises.
   •    Should garbage be collected the following day, garbage bags must not be left outside the premises, on the road or driveway.
   •    In case the Hirer uses a commercial bin for the rubbish, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to organise the removal of the commercial bin from the premises the following working day. Penalties applies on extra days the commercial bin stays on the premises.
   •    The Hirer must provide garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towel and cleaning detergents.
   •    All fans and lights must be switched off. Doors must be closed and locked before vacating the premises.
   •    Gas stove must be kept cleaned including the oven and collecting trays.
   •    Should the Hirer use the gas stove for in site cooking, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to turn off the gas cylinder outside the building.
   •    While the backstage is used for dressing for a show, minors must always be supervised. For the safety of the children and teenagers, the Hirer must keep the backstage closed at all times.
   •    Hirer must return tables and chairs at the designated areas. Failure to do so may lead to charges for the cost of hiring two persons to return tables and chairs to their designated areas.
   •    Hirer must not switch off the main electricity of which leads to discharge of batteries for the exit signs. Failure to follow this would lead to extra charges for the replacement of discharged batteries for the exit signs.


D. Fees and Bonds:
The following fees and bonds must be paid upon the approval of the application for the use of the premises before handing the keys to the Hirer.
   •    A hiring fee will be charged to cover maintenance costs of the premises. Main Building - $250 (incl. GST) for Members or $350 (incl. GST) for Non-Members.
   •    Use of Stove and Gas - extra $110 (incl GST) is required provided that cooking is limited. However, if cooking required the use of the stove for more than 2 hours, an extra $55 is required to be paid in advance.
   •    The security bond of $300/$100 applies for the items on Item C.
   •    To cover replacements of damage to locks, keys, chairs, tables, fans or electrical fittings.
   •    To cover all the requirements stated in Item B – Maintenance.
   •    The applicant is hereby informed that if all the regulations referred to in Items A and B are complied with to the satisfaction of the designated FAANT Officer, the $300/$100 (incl GST) security bond will be refunded in full seven days after returning the keys. A cleaning fee of $250 (incl GST) will be deducted from the Security Bond if rubbish is left in the premises after surrendering the keys.
   •    To avoid losing your bond, please complete the checklist and return the completed checklist to the Hiring Officer before an inspection of the premises is carried out by Hiring Officer.


E. Liquor License and Public Liability Insurance:
   •    Hirer who intends to sell alcohol to their guests is required to show a liquor license permit prior to the event. FAANT has its public liability for its functions and for the use of the building. The Filipino Community Centre has
   •    compliance certificate for occupancy and approval from the building board. The Risk Manager of FAANT ensures that the entire premises are in compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations.
   •    However, Hirers of the Filipino Community Centre are strongly advised to get their own public liability insurance to cover for the event or function the Hirer has organised and for purpose the Filipino Community Centre is hired. This public liability insurance cover protects the organisers and their guests for the duration of the event.
   •    In case of an accident or incident during the time the Hirer is using the premises, FAANT’s public liability insurance the Hirer except for structural faults during the occupancy of the premises as specified by the time the premises are hired for.
   •    Accidents are common with children left on their own. Therefore, children must be supervised at the time specified in this contract.


F. Cancellation Policy:
   •    A Cancellation fee of $200 will be deducted from the bond for cancellation of bookings 7 days to 48 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled event date.
   •    A Cancellation fee of the full bond amount will be charged for cancellation of bookings less than 48 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled event date.
   •    The full amount of bond deposit will be returned if cancellation of booking occurs 7 days prior to the scheduled event date.


   •    The Hirer of the Small Building must comply to all that are stated above.
   •    Maximum occupancy for the small building is 30 adults. The Hirer must ensure number of adults must not exceed this limit. A member of the FAANT committee may visit the premises without notice to check for compliance.
   •    Use of the small building must not exceed 6 hours. Cooking is currently not permitted at the facility. Food for the event must be prepared at home.
   •    The Piano is used for private purposes only. Unauthorised use is forbidden.
   •    Appropriate materials for decorating must be used to avoid leaving marks on the internal walls of the facility.
   •    Children must be supervised AT ALL TIMES.
   •    Unauthorised individuals are not allowed in the storage rooms.

The Filipino-Australian Association of the Northern Territory, Inc is required by the Department of Health to comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The Hirer must remind all guests to comply with all the COVID-19 Regulations stated below.
   •    All patrons are required to check-in at the Filipino Community Centre through the Territory Check-in Phone Application.
   •    The Hirer must provide adequate hand soap and hand sanitisers for their guests. Hand sanitisers must contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol or 80% ethanol.
   •    All patrons must practise physical distancing and must stay 1.5 metres away from other people.
   •    If feeling unwell, guests must isolate themselves and must not attend the event.
   •    All patrons are encouraged to download the COVIDsafe App that helps identify people who have been exposed to Coronavirus.



·         The kitchen facilities are currently not available for use.

·         The toilet facilities are not in the best condition. Repair and upgrade will commence soon.

Account Name: Filipino-Australian Association of the NT, Inc.
BSB: 805-050
Account number: 102554757
Reference Number: "NAME OF HIRER"

Should there be any inquiries, please contact our hiring manager, PERLY MALAPITAN on 0422 523 211

Update: March 2022

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